Our Story

Our mission is to make happy and healthy pets. We use all-natural, high-quality human-grade ingredients in our delicious recipes. Each product is created to promote health, happiness, immune function, shiny coat, increase energy, and increase appetite of your pets.



We are from Arizona, and have been pet parents for many years. As responsible pet parents, we want to provide the best for our pets. To sum up, we want their lives to be worth living. We enjoy experiencing life, but most of all we enjoy rich, healthy, and good tasting food. The same thing goes to our pets. We believe that life is too short to eat bland food everyday. Moreover, our pets do not live as long as we do. Therefore, we pampered our pets with homemade food and treats. But balancing the convenience, lifestyle, and budget can be very difficult.


As expected, our pets have developed a more sophisticated palate. And it has become a problem whenever we do not have the time to prepare their homemade food. We began to create different sauces to add into their kibble. As we mastered the art of convincing our pets to eat their kibble, we found more and more pet parents facing the same problem.


When Alpha Chef’s idea was born, we would like to raise the bar as high as we possibly could. We wanted to make sure that our SAUCE, not only has great taste, but also all natural and very healthy for pets. We spent 2 years perfecting our recipes.


Thank you for taking the time to read our story. We think that your pets deserve great-tasting and nutritious food. We love our pets and understand you love yours. We’re here to help other pet parents give their pets the best ingredients, feel good about food, and enjoy happy and healthy times together.



Alpha Chef Family