Natural Treats

Wow... the cat has never eaten anything this quickly and the dog loves them too. Wozzy and Eric are ridiculously spoiled and turn their noses up to food and treats often. So nice to be able to feed them the same treat.
Pet Parent

My dogs went CRAZY for these treats!! I'm very happy to have them. Thank you!
Pet Parent

How are Natural Treats made?

All of our treats are made with all natural lean protein, high nutrient, and low fat ingredients. They are all USDA approved meat, came from our local butchers in Arizona, are made 100% in the USA. We also remove excess fat before processing our treats. We aim to use less ingredients to minimize allergies. Many other treats uses synthetic additives to boost its nutrition. However, we believe that the natural nutrition is much better than synthetic.  Every treat is grain-free.

Freeze Dried

Freeze drying uses a vacuum chamber to remove the moisture from raw ingredients by applying extreme pressure. This pressure also destroys any harmful pathogens that may reside in the meat. By using freeze drying technology, we are able to retain most of the natural nutrition from the ingredients that we use. When your pets consume our treats, they get the most of the nutritional value of the raw organs. They have a ridiculously long shelf life and do not spoil easily.


Dehydration is a step up from kibble and applies a much more gentle cooking process to meat. It removes moisture in the product by blowing warm or hot air all around. Since heat is applied, the food is considered cooked. We dehydrate meat to make the chewy and crunchy texture that dogs love. Also, some some pets have extreme immune deficiencies and can't digest raw food so dehydrated treats work well for them.

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